I’ve done a lot of speaking on travel tips and several consultations for travel to Italy since the beginning of the year.
So I thought I would share a few with you.

Returning to my fear of germs, especially on airplanes, this is a good precaution before you board the aircraft:

Use a good saline spray for your nose, put some neosporin on a Q-tip and swipe your nostrils. This was recommended to me by my oncologist.

Always have a good hand sanitizer with you.

Take wipes with a lot of anti-bacteria and alcohol ingredients and wipe down every single item you will touch. Seat trays are loaded with bacteria.

If someone next to you or in front of you is “coughing up a lung,” ask if it would be possible to move to another seat.

When traveling overseas, wear a mask and make sure it is a hospital-grade mask.

Drink a lot of water and ease up on alcoholic drinks. The alcohol lowers your immune system.

Don’t touch your eyes unless you disinfect your hands first.

Make sure you have copies of all your travel documents with family, in your suitcase, or with a friend….just in case.

And, if traveling to a foreign country, have your physician prescribe antibiotics to take with you. It’s not always easy to find what you need, and it is always better to be prepared…just in case.

Learning the Italian Language

Over the past 14 years, I’ve had many Italian teachers. At the present time, our teacher is Valentina, a lovely young woman from Italy with infinite patience.
Last Tuesday before class started, I began speaking in Italian and started to make the same mistake again with articles and possessive pronouns. She patiently started writing on her “whiteboard” and gave a great review on the correct way use these pronouns. I can now proudly say…mia Mama. But La mia amica is correct for non-family people and items. La mia casa…Il mio libro…I know, you have no idea what I’m trying to convey. But when I fly off to Italy in October, I’ll be traveling with 4 other people who don’t speak any Italian. It’s a lot of pressure! In addition, I have many friends in Italy with whom I want to converse. So I cannot let up for a moment in learning to speak this “bella lingua” correctly.

Once I am in Italy, I am fine. But here, I stutter out the words. Sigh! I have exactly 210 days before I hop on that plane to become fluent. In tanto, studiero’ sempre!