My Italy Trip – October 2017

Here is a sample of my villa trip with 5 of my favorite friends.  Enjoy.

Remember, I will help you plan…for a small price.  🙂

2 thoughts on “My Italy Trip – October 2017”

  1. I borrowed and read my daughter’s signed copy of your book The Man at Caffe’ Farnese. My wife and I lived and worked in Rome for two years. The book was an enjoyable read as I knew of and had been to many places mentioned. In fact reading it prompted me to go to a nearby authentic Italian trattoria for a real Italian style cappuccino. One of my favorite memories was getting a cappuccino and cornetto on my walk to work each morning and another right before I entered my work. My wife and I were the only Americani in the neighborhood and got to know many people by name. We have been back 8 times since we moved and are always treated like long lost friends when we visit. I have ordered your book An American Chick’s Guide to Italy and look forward to reading your insights. Who knows, I may be encouraged to write about my adventures to living two years in Rome.

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