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THE MAN AT THE CAFFE FARNESE is now available in paperback and for kindle at Amazon

What readers are saying: 

“Vivid detail and descriptiveness that with each stroke of the word, paints a beautiful and lively portrait of Italy and its characters on the canvas of your mind. ”

“ This book was a fun, guilty pleasure. ”

“ I truly enjoyed this book about four women who are experiencing/have experienced life changes. ”

About the book: If you want an adventure in Italy, Rome in particular, enjoy this delightful adventure of three 50 something women who meet in an Italian class and are whisked away to a Roman Penthouse to practice the language and find their Italian ancestors. A lovely British landlord and her handsome “lover” and 3 Italian men enable them to learn more lessons on life than they’d expected. When women share secrets, their character is revealed. And through friendships, they find they can go home to America and find happiness. Rome comes alive. The Caffe’ Farnese does exist, all characters are fictional. The cappuccino at this Caffe’ is, in my opinion, the best in Rome

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