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Caffé Greco, Rome, Italy

For a coffee experience extraordinaire, a visit to Caffe’ Greco, the oldest coffee bar in Rome is a an experience not to be missed. Founded in 1760, it was the favorite hangout for many famous British writers who wanted a place to sit and think. Now it is a bustling caffe’ filled with locals, tourists, and those who just want the experience.

Located on the famous Via Condotti, known for it’s designer boutiques, it’s a great place to take a break and enjoy a fantastic cappuccino and a dolce (sweet). Sitting down and enjoying a treat in a caffe’ or coffee bar will always cost you more. I prefer to relax and never give up an opportunity to people watch. Peruse the dessert bar as you enter. I recommend trying Italian style cheesecake. It’s light and fluffy and doesn’t leave you feeling stuffed like the big wedges of New York cheesecake.

The Tiramisu if one of the best I’ve enjoyed in Rome. A coffee drink and dessert will set you back about $20. But it’s worth the splurge. And you can say you savored a drink with the rich and famous. Ladies, don’t forget to check out the doormen and guards at the glitzy boutiques. They’re worth the glance.

When you’ve finished you’re experience, head up just a few steps to the famous Spanish Steps.

And remember, act like a Roman at Caffe’ Greco. Don’t be shy about demanding service. And, should your coffee arrive cold, as it can on a busy day, demand another one and stress you want’ it fresh.

It never happens if you’re standing, but at times, it will if you are sitting. By the way, when you enter the website, enjoy the music and be sure to enter via the British flag. Otherwise, you won’t understand anything. I always prefer to sit in the Roma Salon.


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