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Fourth novel almost finished!

It is with an enormous amount of relief to have my 4th novel complete…all except for the editing.  The Man at the Villa Fonte takes place in Tuscany with the villa being steps away from the amazing city of Florence.

I’m anxious to finish the novel because I yearn to return to my first love of memoir and non-fiction.  The desire has been so strong it has interrupted my sleep.  All I want to do is write the memoir.

I’ve even written the first chapter.  First line…”The meanest man in town, a mafia lawyer, changed the course of my family’s life forever.”  I hope that line inspires some curiosity.

But I do love my novel about Gina, her sister, Bella, Jake, the policeman, and Luca, the weathly Italian vineyard owner.  And I will finish it…by June!

Who will win Gina’s heart?  Jake, the next-door neighbor or Luca, the Italian man with the forest-green eyes?  Stay tuned.

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