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Cooking classes in Sorrento Italy

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Every once in a while you are able to find something really good on the internet. offers great cooking classes in Sorrento. We chose "Cook Like a Local with Seaview" because the setting overlooking Naples Bay looked so beautiful, not to mention, this class had

rave reviews with a promise of al fresco dining. Chef Cristiano and a few other participants picked us up at our hotel and took us to his home in the Sorrento Hills. The home was located in Sorrento metropolitan city of Naples, Italy. Three generations lived in the house, and the fresh ingredients we used to prepare our food came from their family garden. We learned how to make classic Italian dishes, Sorrento style.

Cristiano had an outgoing personality, his assistant was his sister, and the parents also participated. We enjoyed making tiramisu, eggplant parmesan, and gnocchi....hands-on. #classic Italian pasta dishes All the equipment for making everything was available to buy (cash only). I bought a bottle of delicious Limoncello. They had all the tools for making great gnocchi and classic Italian pasta dishes, not to mention, the cups and glasses were gorgeous!

The stunning sunset at the end of the evening was the "icing on the tiramisu." Cristiano also showed us his technique for making Limoncello (lemons grown on the property), and we all had a taste at the end of the night. His father drove us back to the hotel, and since I speak Italian, we were able to have a delightful conversation on the drive back. His classes fill up FAST. If you're going to Sorrento between now and November, make those reservations now!!!!

The best part of the night was eating the food we'd prepared. The freshly made tomato sauce for the gnocchi was delicious! Cook Like a Local with Seaview did not fact, from beginning to end, this was the best cooking class I've taken in Italy.

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