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Loving the Italian Language

Last Monday, we concluded eight weeks of private Italian lessons.  It amazes me I still continue year after year, semester after semester, learning this beautiful language.  It’s become addictive.

We’ve had several private teachers over the years for our little group of 12 – 14 students.  Patricia Scarfone, Franca Hamber, Roberta Bocus, and now, Valentina Corvaglia.  Valentina has pushed us far into conversational Italian and encourages us to think and speak only in Italian…giving us idioms and reviews of grammar along the way.

One of the fun things we did this past semester was listening to songs in Italian and comprehending the meanings of the song.  “Gente Come Noi” di Ivana Spagna….was beautiful.  And after the third time listening…most of us were able to translate without seeing the words.  We also listened to “Meraviglioso” di Modugno.  A bit more of a challenge, but we did it.

Italians are known for their “gestures.”  We studied several of the gestures ….interpretazione gesti Italiani…and learned we must be careful with some of them.  A lot of fun.

We played a game learning conjugation of Italian verbs…always a challenge.  and listened to audio conversations in Italian…again…after two or three times…were able to have a conversation about the audio.

Grazie, Valentina!  We cannot wait for the next session which starts on April 25th.  Do you speak a bit of Italian, maybe lived in Italy for awhile and want to keep up on the language, leave a message on my blog and we’ll include you in our class.


I must add a postscript:  The classes are so much fun, one of our students who recently moved to Boise, Idaho, still attends via Skype!

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