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The Man at The Naples Caffè ~ Review by Author Geo Walsh

Brava! Janet Simcic’s latest novel quickly draws us in when two existential shocks strike Claire.

Johannsen then sweeps us off to Naples to be immersed in Simcic’s trademark vividly portrayed sights, sounds, and flavors of Italy. There, Claire meets the child she could never have, a sensitive artist with her own family drama whom we take into our hearts. The two men who enter the scene bringing romantic complications are equally charming yet a study in contrasting characters. Release Date Aug 2023. Geo Walsh is the author of A Fallen Marionette - a poetic and compelling narrative of a normal man confronting his own humanity. "Suddenly paralyzed by a rare disease, I became a prisoner in my own body."

From start to fulfilling epilogue, I found The Man at The Naples Caffé, as scrumptious and easy to enjoy as a Neapolitan pastry.

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