The Man at the Spanish Steps

My fourth book, and sequel to “The Man at the Caffe’ Farnese” is now being edited for publication.  It is a continuation of the story of Julie Walden three years after her husband’s death.

Struggling to deal with life as a widow and gathering courage to date again, she finds herself remembering a man in Rome…Dante.  Her two sons are grown, yet one of them is troubled.  And another man in California loves her deeply.

Her decisions will affect not only her, but her sons as well.

Julie will make a return trip to Rome…the Eternal City.  But will she stay?  And who will be at the Spanish Steps waiting for her?

2 thoughts on “The Man at the Spanish Steps”

  1. I’ve always been fascinated by the Spanish Steps. I first read of them in one of my all-time favorite science fiction stories, “The Stars My Destination,” where it was a setting for an important scene. Maybe I’ll get to revisit them in your book!

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