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Cruising-the good, the bad, and the....

I rushed back into cruising once all ridiculous requirements were dropped. Three ships, three totally different experiences. The cruise to New England and Canada was delightful, while I was on shore enjoying the beauty of fall colors and crisp, clean air,. Living in S. California affords us no autumn...much heat. It was in the high 90's when I left Cali to board my cruise. Canada had JUST opened to the rest of the world (I'm guessing they needed some tourist dollars) but they were woefully unprepared for the onslaught of having 12,000 people land in Halifax. Experience was horrible.

On board, ship was woefully understaffed and food - so so - with the exception of the specialty dining rooms, which I thankfully didn't have to pay for those meals, On the second cruise, the line I was on had lost their number one spot for yummy food in the main dining room.

Entertainment excelled on all three cruises. I'm finding Norwegian has superior shows....featuring full Broadway productions such as "SIX" and "Footloose."

Here's where I have a problem with present day cruising. It has become very "class" oriented. The large ships have boutique hotels featured. Their perks are amazing if you can afford it. The rest of the passengers are at best simply middle class. It's difficult to reserve a suite.

One more good thing is the catering to solo travelers. Solo does not mean "single" but simply you are traveling on your own. They set up meetings on board with a staff member taking care of you. They reserve show and meals, etc. Since I travel solo often, it's a great way to meet people. Norwegian is now offering small solo cabins. When I say small...I mean small.

I spend hours on my balcony. enjoying nothing but the sea or wild life and observing the shoreline. For all of you cruisers, enjoy, but don't expect pre-pandemic standards. It takes time to fix things. Bon voyage!

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