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Here's to the Regina Baglioni Hotel in Rome!

If you travel often, especially overseas, you usually get comfortable with a hotel brand or a favorite independent hotel. In Italy, however, 5 stars don't always equal the 5 stars we expect in the United States.

On several occasions, I have mistakenly relied on internet photos to choose a hotel. NO MORE. On my latest trip to Italy in April, we reserved a beautiful 4 star hotel in Rome whose name will not be mentioned here. I knew I couldn't stay there when I walked into the lobby. The second I walked into the tiny room, I knew we had to find another hotel. But there was a huge problem. Rome hotels were sold out.

My traveling companion and I decided to do the next best thing. We legged it around the corner to the Via Veneto and walked into each hotel, hoping for a room. But there were none. At the fifth hotel, we were greeted by very friendly people at the front desk. One of them looked and discovered there had been a cancellation. She showed us the rooms, and we slapped down our credit cards with lightning speed. We had to forfeit our money at the other hotel, but Rome became a very happy place once we changed hotels.

So here's to the #ReginaBaglioniHotel in Rome, on the lovely Via Veneto...a true 5 star hotel with one of the best front desk people I've ever met. The breakfast room was elegant; fresh water was delivered twice daily to our room and cheerful and helpful doormen. Thank you for a wonderful stay.

Word of advice...get a recommendation from someone. Don't depend solely on internet photos; don't let a poor choice ruin your trip.

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