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I Want the World to be Open again


What my husband wanted for me after he died was for me to continue to travel.

“You’ll be fine, honey. You have the money to go on a couple of cruise each year, travel to Italy, visit family. “

Little did he realize how difficult travel would be come. Let’s see…I’ve had three cruises cancelled because of COVID and recently cancelled a trip to Italy. It’s frustrating. I’m a writer and need to do important research on setting for each novel.

I’m a traveler, not a tourist. There is a substantial difference. But next spring, I will fly to Italy by myself. It takes courage to do that, but it is something I must do. It seems incredible to me that October of 2021, the world for the most part remains closed…almost like pre-plane travel, when the world seemed truly small and isolated.

So I plan in my head, heart, and internet the next trip. Will it happen? We’ll see. But I am admittedly frustrated. Next year, I pray, I will sit on the stone benches in front of Trevi Fountain while enjoying a peach gelato. I’ll take a boat ride on Lake Como. I’ll sip a cappuccino at the Grambinus Cafe in Naples. In the meantime, I have my memories and my dreams.


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