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Making Friends on LinkedIn

You never now where you will find a friend. When I joined this social media site, it was with the sole intention of advertising my books. Then something strange happened. I connected with several people in the writing world, the art world, and people from Italy.

LINDA WINTER is from England but now lives in Italy, in the Veneto region, not far from Venice. I came across a post of her exquisite art and her evocative writing about her painting and began to correspond with her. Then we zoomed. We have many things in common. We were both teachers...she currently, me formerly...she loves Italy, and we both love writing.

She calls herself an enthusiastic amateur but I find her work soothing and thematic. You can find her on Facebook under "artists" and you can do a search for her on LinkedIn. We strongly agree on one thing! Tourism versus travel. We both are travelers. Within the next year, she hopes to complete a fantastic travel guide to the Veneto avoid crowds in the city center of Venice. There is so much more to see outside of Venice where you will discover a different culture, dialect, and history. Her art is a solid piece of history.

Next year, I hope to stay with her to gather information for my consulting business, to help people find the small things of beauty in Italy. When you visit Italy, or anywhere for that matter, it is outside of the crowded cities where you discover real life. The heartbeat of the Veneto region is found outside of Venice.

I encourage you to know her on both social media sites. Here is one of her lovely paintings. The best part, all of her paintings are for sale!!!!

This is a painting taken before a storm at the Villa Pisani. I long to be in the pointing in the long grass at Villa Pisani!

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