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Scottish gal and British gal come to Italy

And what do they do? They marry Italian guys. But best of all, they start a business in Sorrento. They're known as the GOURMET GIRLS and you can sign up for their fabulous progressive dinner for a fun night in Sorrento. My friend, Elizabeth and I started the evening not knowing what to expect. Immediately we fell in love with these gals...Lee and Vanessa. We ventured where mostly locals tread and began the evening at an amazing wine bar...Officina 82 Wine Bar...for tapas and a couple of pairings of wine. From there we had pasta at a local place, followed by steak and other goodies at a marvelous bistro...Le P'tit bistro96. The owner charmed us, the food was delicious, and we went back the next night for a full dinner with two gals we met on the tour. Our evening ended at a colorful bar (Bar 4 emme) for our nightcap. Fun-filled evening with good company, entertaining hostesses, and incredible Italian food! Don't miss this. You can find the evening listed on Viator in Sorrento! Progressive dinner in Sorrento.

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