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The Man At The Naples Caffé - a friendly review.

Lingering in the depths of the loss of her husband, Claire Johannson opens an unexpected email addressed to her late husband. It is from a young woman living in Italy who claims to be her husband’s child from a past affair. With the loss of never having a child of her own, Claire travels to Italy to uncover the truths about her husband’s infidelity. There she meets the young woman longing for connection to a father she never knew, and two men who tug at her broken heart. Can Claire resist the handsome Italian who says all the right things and whose kisses linger on her lips? Or will the rugged private investigator from America teach her to forgive her husband and embrace the newfound child she has always longed for? This book couldn’t be timelier in today’s world of genetic testing and will take you on a trip to Italy, where the culture, food, and scenery are the backdrop of this heartwarming story of redemption, forgiveness, and love.

~ Elizabeth Conte | Author of the award-winning historical novel Finding Jane, and scandalous romantic drama, Chosen Mistress.

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