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Would you ever consider drinking water from a toilet or urinal?

I didn't think so! Yet on a recent visit to Eataly in Century City, a sign of warning was posted as you entered the bathrooms. I read it, read it again, started laughing, and thought....what on earth have we come to that this must be posted.

On the other hand, my time at Eataly was exciting. I love all things Italian, and the 3 story building held everything imaginable from Italy. Anything from rare and traditional Italian wines to cheese, candy, olive oil, etc. was available. Like being a kid in a candy store, my mouth watered everywhere I looked. It was tempting to fling my credit card down and throw things in the available cart, but I resisted. After all, I will be in Italy soon enjoying all those delectable foods.

We enjoyed a lovely luncheon on the third floor, and of course, cappuccino! I think it is worth the trip. Go for morning coffee and a sweet, browse, have a slice of pizza, and stay for dinner on the terrace and buy as much as you can afford.

Oh, and NOT drink the water from...well you get my point.

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