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I attended yet another memorial service this week.  It’s always a reminder of how short life is and a reminder that sometimes you never get that chance to forgive and make amends.  This post will be very brief.

During the open mike part of the memorial service, a gentleman came to the platform and began sharing wonderful memories of him and the deceased.  He even made us laugh.  Then, without warning, came the truth of the relationship…he and his cousin had not spoken in, if I remember correctly, 14 years.  He didn’t know why nor did the deceased.  They simply stopped calling each other.

He then, with tears, asked that we make things right with those we love before it’s too late.  It touched my heart deeply.  It’s not those who leave us that have regrets.  It’s always those who’ve been left behind.

Today is the day.  Reach out to that person or persons and clear the air, talk, forgive, whatever it is that is needed.  Because tomorrow it may be too late.  This man asked us to pass this on to others.  And so I have done my part.

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