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“Ai Tre Tartufi”, Italian Gelato with a People-Watching View

No visit to Rome is complete until you visit the Piazza Navonna. And while you stroll, circle on back to the AI TRE TARTUFI.

Located to the side of the church and in front of the Three Rivers sculpture by Bernini, you will enjoy a gelato with entertainment. Try for a front-row seat and enjoy a “better than Broadway” show, with artists, musicians, and people from every part of the world. On a warm afternoon, there is no better place to relax, wind down, and rest your weary feet.

The staff is friendly and most of them speak English. I prefer to try my Italian with them, and they always appreciate my accented Italiano! This gelato is made by them! And they offer only 24 flavors, preferring to stick to traditional favorites.

For me, I love the straciatella (which is basically chocolate chip but unlike ANYTHING you’ve experienced here). For the berry flavors, strawberry is so smooth and flavorful, it’s almost like eating fresh strawberries. But for a cool and tart refreshment, the limone (lemon) is out of this world. If it’s late afternoon, they will often offer a “deal” on the gelato if you stay for dinner. It’s well worth it.

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