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Another Italian class has ended!

I am already starting to panic.  No more classes until February.  And with each passing day without the review and exercise of speaking Italian only, I forget bits and pieces of grammar and idioms.

Kudos to our fabulous teacher, Valentina, who puts up with our American accents and brilliantly coaches us on the correct way to speak this beautiful language.  I always promise myself I will study diligently during the two month break.  But I never do except for those people in Italy with whom I correspond.  On my Face Book page there are dozens of posts from Italy.  And I admit, I struggle to read some of them…especially if they are written in the “passato remoto,” the most difficult verb conjugation to learn.  But I rally on.

If you read this post and speak Italian, please write something special in “la bella lingua” for me to decipher.  I promise to respond in turn with the best Italian possible.

Baci e abbracci, Janet

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