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I recently read some books I highly recommend.

FRONT RUNNER by Felix Francis:  I am thrilled Felix has carried on the tradition of his father, Dick Francis.  I have never attended a horse race.  I want to some day.  But it has not happened yet.  In FRONT RUNNER, investigator Jeff Hinkley of the British Horesracing Authority vows to find out why some of England’s top jockeys are losing races on purpose.  During his investigation, body counts begin to rise.  Soon, it’s clear that Hinkley himself is in grave danger.  A great thriller with a lot of twists and turns.  If you love horse racing, this is definitely for you.

NOT FORGETTING THE WHALE by John Ironmonger:  This is the first novel I have read by Mr. Ironmonger.  At first I thought it might be too much of a fantasy story.  But as the characters came to life, I found myself fascinated about this little village in England.  A young man washes up on a English beach and is rescued by the residents of remote St. Piran.  The entire village takes this lost soul into their midst.  But the villagers don’t know why Joe Haak landed on their beach.  And wonder if he may be the harbinger of troubling times ahead.  And then there is the whale lurking in the bay.  Unique, funny, and moving story.

MAKE ME by Lee Child:  Lee Child is one of my favorite authors.  His protagonist, Jack Reacher never disappoints me.  Jack Reacher gets off a train in the tiny town known as Mother’s Rest.  All he wants to know is why the town came to acquire this name.  When a worried woman draws Reacher into her private investigation, the more pressing question is:  What’s going on in Mother’s Rest?  He is plunged into a desperate race across the country only to end up right back where he started, where the answer may turn out to be nightmares.  I lost an entire day.  Started reading the book at noon and could not put it down until I finished it!

SUMMIT LAKE by Charlie Donlea:  Who killed Becca Eckersley?  This first-year law student was alone studying for exams at her family’s vacation home when she was brutally murdered.  A random crime?  Kelsey, an investigative journalist, does not think it was random.  She digs into the crime and find a lot of discrepancies.  What was Becca hiding?  Kelsey wants justice and doesn’t stop investigating until she finds it.

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