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I seldom write anything personal on my blog or Facebook because I prefer to keep it professional.  But yesterday, I walked into a large retail store and was blasted with Thanksgiving decorations…2 aisles…and 10 aisles of Christmas Decorations.  I gasped.  It’s not even the middle of July.  What is happening?

I came close to breaking out in hives!  Had to take several gulps of air-conditioned air, did some deep-breathing exercises and thought…I’m not ready for this.  When I asked the store manager why so early…his reply was:  It’s retail.

He smiled and continued to arrange the mass of ornaments on the wall.

Why am I complaining?  Well, for the past three weeks I have been giving birth to my newest book.  I happen to be mostly right-brained which means I hate details.  And getting a book ready for the publisher is a nightmare of details.  I’m not sleeping, I’m editing, I’m marketing, I’m basically submitting myself to not having a life until this is done.

The last thing I need is to get my brain rolling for possible gifts for my 15 grandchildren.  (Heavy sigh here.)

So if you have any sympathy at all, you’ll like my page and not remind me how many days it is to Christmas.  And remember the reason for the season.  I want to be stress free for the next three weeks during this process!

Until my next post, I remain focused on summer!  And the birth of my latest book:

THE MAN AT THE SPANISH STEPS…The sequel to The Man at the Caffe’ Farnese!

Coming in August!!!!

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