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Death, Taxes, And That Nasty Flu

Every year brings with it good times and bad. It has not started out well for 2017. We seem to be attending a memorial service for someone twice a month. And, of course, as I posted before, we lost our oldest son in January. Death is a certain thing, but for me, the positive is that it is not the end. I have full confidence I will see them in heaven. It is my blessed hope.

Taxes…can’t escape that either. But, after hearing about taxes from my friends in Italy, it’s not too bad here in the good old USA.

Finally, this flu. Have you noticed everyone coughing? It seems to linger forever…or at least 6 long weeks. I was very fortunate to have fought it off quickly. However, I have become a bit over the top with germs and avoiding them lately. My hands are like prunes from constant washing, and I now carry antiseptic wipes with me everywhere. I won’t even push a number on an elevator…because word is, it’s full of disgusting bacteria.

But the hills in California are now alive with bursts of GREEN…a color we seldom have seen in the last ten years. And with the coming arrival of Spring, I’m hoping the flu dies along with winter and new life will bring good health to all of us.

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