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Often when I get together with other writers to share, critique, complain, express our frustrations, the conversation inevitably comes back to editors.  If you are traditionally published, an editor is provided for you.  But, even then, they sometimes change things that may not be your voice.  Line-by-line editors are like accountants…detail oriented and precise.

I happen to like my editor.  He not only does line-by-line but concept, telling me to add information, take out too much information, or describe “this.”  Knowing authors who flit from one editor to another, I stick to one.  The more editors you use, the more opinions and thoughts are given.  This builds up frustration for the writer and makes them doubt themselves.

I’ll give a plug for my editor.  I use Dr. Jim Hills exclusively because I trust him.  I’ve learned my lesson the hard way by listening to multiple points of view.  Dr. Hills is not only professional, but kind and thoughtful, often spending a lot of time on the telephone, email, etc. talking you through rough parts of your manuscript.

It’s simply my opinion, but stick to one editor, two beta readers, and a friend who loves detail work.  Then trust yourself!

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