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How many modes of transportation does one take from Rome to the Isle of Capri?

On a recent trip to Italy, 6 of us…all ladies…stayed in Rome the first week of our trip.  The Isle of Capri is one of my favorite places and I wanted to share this experience with them.  It can be a bit overwhelming the first time, but we soldiered on.  From our fabulous hotel, the Grand Hotel de la Minerve , we took a taxi to the train station.  Heavy traffic in the early morning, and we arrived with minutes to spare.  We hopped onto the fast train…Frecciarossa…to Naples.  Jumped into another taxi…he sang opera to us…Naples taxi drivers are the friendliest and most fun…and arrived at the boat docks.  There we bought our tickets to go to Capri.  Upon arriving at Capri, we then made our way to the funicolare to reach the main town.  We hustled around the corner to catch the l’autobus to the very top of the island…almost to the top…when we had to purchase tickets for the “lift” to the top.  The very top.  That takes us to 6 modes of transportation.

We enjoyed the incredible views, had some cappuccino, relaxed, hiked, took many photos, and then took the lift down gazing upon the blue and purple sea.  Back onto the l’autobus and into the main town for lunch.  Just a note:  Those little local buses have few seats, and they pack you in like sardines.  Lots of hairpin curves.  But don’t fret.  You couldn’t move or fall down if you tried!

We ate at my favorite place…the La Palma Hotel…which has a patio overlooking some beautiful shops and where one can enjoy great people watching.  (  We browsed around the shops and made our way to the funicolare, down to the dock, took the boat back to Naples, another taxi ride with another equally kind and fun taxi driver, to the train station.  Here we had enough time to enjoy another coffee and taste the famous rum baba – a pastry of Naples and quite delicious.  We hopped on the train, relaxed, took a taxi back to our hotel, and headed up to the rooftop where beautiful music serenaded us while looking out at the illuminated antiquities of Rome.

So the answer to the question is:  6 modes of transportation taken on the way and 6 on the way back.

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