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More on Marla Jo Fisher

Marla Jo keeps writing these great articles about travel.  I urge you to read them.

I took a trip last week and decided to add some tips on airplane travel – always a joy these days – right?

Because they pack us in like sardines or worse, my oncologist advises using a saline solution just before takeoff and using a q-tip to add some Neosporin to keep germs from traveling through your nasal passages.  Wipe down everything on the seat, especially the arm rails, pull-down trays, and anything else people have touched.

There was a passenger two rows back coughing up a lung.  Thankfully I did not get sick.

Be patient.  I always check my bags.  I travel with a pashmina to keep warm, my kindle, and use my IPhone for music.

Anything to make travel more tolerable.

Happy flying!

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