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New Release! The Man at the Rialto Bridge

Family secrets, a terrorist plot, and a new romance!

Reluctantly joining her dysfunctional family on a Mediterranean cruise, Olivia is drawn to a mysterious man and finds herself propelled into a life-changing adventure. Her widowed sister, Ashley, convinces her to join her and their dying mother on a vacation to mend their relationships, flush out old secrets, and even forgive past transgressions.

But Olivia used the cruise to pursue a secret of her own. After discovering at the age of 12 she was the love child of an affair, she seeks her birth father, an Italian businessman, and meets him in several ports during the cruise in spite of what it might do to her precarious family. Olivia faces a dangerous on-board romance, family secrets, and decisions that could change her and her family forever. From Rome to Venice and ports in between, Olivia unearths secrets and struggles to make sense of them. Will Olivia’s dreams come true? One family’s future may hinge on Olivia and the man at the Rialto Bridge.

“Once again, Janet Simcic has given us fascinating characters in dramatic situations, surrounded by alluring locations. Olivia, a woman in search of answers, takes to the Italian seas aboard a cruise designed to bring her family together for reflection and resolution. Instead, she’s daunted at each port with a more personal and dangerous adventure each time, drawn into an affair that could change everything. Her quest for love, acceptance, and reconciliation brings out unforeseen strengths, and new vulnerabilities. Sexy, dramatic, and filled with surprises, we can’t help but feel the allure of The Man at the Rialto Bridge. -Herb Williams-Dalgart, award-winning author of The French Girl’s War

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