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Last Saturday Janet Lynn and Will Zeilinger shared how to find and build your story.  What first impressed me about them…they are husband and wife, writing novels together, spending time traveling and researching for their books, and together 24/7…an amazing thing on its own.

But their methods of research for their mystery novels regarding their “place” were amazing.  The Skylar Drake mystery series is set in 1955, and their search for the perfect setting or building in which to set a murder was brilliant.

To read more about them, visit their websites:

They will have a book signing at Gatsby Books on Spring St. in Long Beach on April 21st from 3 – 5 p.m. for their latest in the Skylar Drake series…”Slick Deal.”  Clues lead them to Avalon, on Santa Catalina Island, a former Hollywood movie star playground.  I promise you a good time reliving the ’50’s

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