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I am happy to announce that my new book, The Man at the Villa Fonte, is available on Amazon and Kindle.  It will be my final “The Man at…” series.

I had the privilege of speaking and presenting my book recently at the Women’s Growth and Empowerment Organization…better known as WEGO.  I want to thank everyone for their support of me as an author.

I am going to be doing some alternate blogs on travel to Italy as well as bits and pieces of my upcoming book, Family Secrets and God’s Grace.  This memoir is based on the stories of my two sets of grandparents…and what secrets can now be uncovered due to the internet and family history sites.

It has been an exciting journey so far.  To look back and discover the pain and difficulties my grandparents endured makes me love, appreciate, and respect them more than ever.

I hope you will join me on these journeys and sign up for my blog.

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