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Venice – You Must Eat at this wonderful Osteria….il Milion

As a travel consultant to Italy, Venice is always high on my recommendation list. And the restaurant I love the most is called Il Milion, the oldest osteria in Venice and named after the famous book by Marco Polo.

This is where the Venetians eat. It’s tucked away in a quiet courtyheard, the food is fresh and not dominated by heavy sauces, and it’s away from the chaos of Piazza San Marcos…which is always full of tourists and pigeons.

I love the leek soup, a lovely brothy and flavorful soup. The scalpoppine al vino bianco is amazing tender veal served with veggies that taste like they recently been plucked from the garden. The house wine has the delicate taste of a $50 bottle – my preference being the lovely vino fragolino…a sparkling white wine with strawberry accents, made especially for this restaurant.

Chef-owner and native Venezian, Roberto Bocus is a fabulous host. In addition to Italian, he speaks fluent English and Spanish. And he is probably the most handsome man in the city.

Last year, I planned a trip for my chiropractor and his wife, emphasizing the need for them to enjoy a meal at Il Milion. They arrived late, near closing time, but Roberto kindly stayed open since they’d dropped my name. After a delicious meal, Dr. W. rewarded the owner and waiters with free adjustments. And everyone went home happy and relaxed.

Read the web page carefully. It explains the history of Marco Polo and gives you details on the luscious menu.

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