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VITALY…A little bit of Italy in Costa Mesa

About a year ago, a friend from my Italian class asked me to meet her at her favorite Italian Café.  I had no idea what a hot spot it would be for me…as well as many others.  This little gem is located in The Camp in Costa Mesa at the corner of Baker and Bristol…tucked way back in the final corner of this unique mall.

The owners are as charming and Italian as the restaurant.  Barbara and Maurizio are from Bologna, Italy and feature the foods of Emilia Romagna.

As you know, I am finicky when it comes to espresso and cappuccino.  Their coffee featured is Filicori and it is magnifico.  Served in a porcelain cup, the froth is perfection and the crema of the coffee itself divine.

Their piadina sandwiches (closest to describe is like a flat bread which is made fresh on the premises) are delightful.  As is the gelato.  My favorite dish for dinner is anything with their homemade gnocchi!

It’s a gathering place from morning to night.  check out their website for more information.

You won’t be disappointed.  To add to the flavor, while sitting a sipping, you will certainly hear people chattering in their native Italian language.

Buon Appetito!

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